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Let’s take a look about Datamation!

What role does Datamation plays in support services in resource mobilization and fund raising?

  • We develop an understanding and comprehensive knowledge base of the Charity’s Community Development Action areas.
  • We offer full range of top notch, modern and comprehensive fund raising services and are able to strategize, expand and sustain Charity’s direct marketing programs for effective Resource Mobilization (RM).
  • We provide training and ability developing services in Resource Mobilization.
  • We offer Local Resource Mobilization (LRM) strategic advisory services by working in close partnership with the charity.

Our strength in Resource Mobilization –

  • Experience and proven track record of working with various International and Indian Charities in fund raising
  • Developing a robust RM base
  • Unparallel understanding of social development challenges
  • Deployment of innovative Program implementation strategy with the Development Agencies

Our clients

  • Asia-Pacific Regional Offices
  • CRY-Child Relief and You
  • Red Cross
  • PETA
  • Save the children
  • Helpage India
  • Deepalaya
  • Green pace
  • SOS Children Villages of India
  • Wildlife SOS and so on…


Our offerings and Services –

  • Offerings
  • Resource Mobilization Strategy Development – helping NGOs in defining their resource mobilization strategies, objectives and goals.
  • Resource Mobilization Strategy Deployment & Sustained Training & Capacity Building Support Services – implementation of strategy by training NGOs in various components of fund raising. We have conducted 50+ workshops covering following topics -
  1. Development Communication
  2. Digital Communication and Social Media enabled Fund Raising
  • Support – We offer time-tested fund raising campaign implementation support on social, digital media and traditional fund-raising through mail and also crowd sourcing.
  • Database compilation and Selection – After researching, we select a resource and deploy a creative research based methodology for database compilation and selection.
  • Database Selection – It comprises of two steps – Database Creation and Database Management.


  • ServicesWe provide top notch services in the field of
  • Creative Content – Produce innovative ideas for testing social and digital media and print campaigns.
  • Web sites, portal and Social Networking Deployment – Deployment of social networking tools like Twitter, You Tube, Facebook etc.
  • Letter Shopping, E-Broadcasting and fulfillment
  • Quality control in E- broadcasting and letter shopping
  • Ensuring response maximization
  • Quality Control